Add your furnished apartment to our inventory

Dear Property Owner,

If you own or manage a furnished property, we would like to invite you to add it to our inventory of furnished units.

The account is free. There is no contract. You may list your property and disable your listing at any time in the future. Of course all reservations accepted to that point must be accommodated.

We offer choice between direct bookings and requests. Typically most owners of furnished apartments choose requests. This way you will be able to accept or decline requests we will be sending you. There is no cost if you do not accept any requests. There is also no requirement that you must accept any of the request we will send you. We do ask, however, that if you choose not to accept our request, that you decline the requests in a timely manner. Our guests appreciate quick response even if the request is declined. At least they know they must look for accommodation elsewhere.

If you choose to accept a reservations request referred by Extended Stay Bookers, the commission from a confirmed booking is only 10%,the lowest on the market.

To list your apartments please visit

Please let me know if you have any questions about our services.

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