Short Term Furnished Apartments in Toronto

There are many apartments available in Toronto listed at Extended Stay Bookers to choose from.

Furnished apartments may require a minimum number on nights booked and there vary from as few as only 3 nights to even 30 nights for extended stay properties.

We would like to introduce here economy furnished apartments that do not require any minimum stay. Rates are as low as $75 per night.

The property is located at:
Urban Living Suites
785 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON – Ontario M6J1V2, Canada

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  • Gella Miller

    Thank you for posting and sharing the photo. I am interested in this apartment.

    • Extended Stay Bookers agent

      To find out if an apartment is available for requested dates, a request must be made at for the property of your choice. Then, the property will either accept or decline your request based on availability, or offer other alternative locations that are available. Once your request is accepted, you will be able to confirm your reservation by paying required 10% deposit.

      If you are not sure which property to book, we offer a way to reach all property owners in the area at the same time. You will receive replies only from properties having availability for the dates you requested. All you have to do then is choose which location you like the most and confirm the booking. It saves you time as you do not need to wait for a response just to find out that the property is not available. To use this option please use a form Extended Stay Request above search results.

  • Pamela Walker

    Furnished apartment offer the flexibility to add personal touches and items to make the space feel more like the inhabitant’s own home. but make sure your apartment should cost you less than a hotel room during your entire stay.

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